Piling: Lancaster Street

Piling: Lancaster Street

VolkerGround Engineering has successfully completed a combination of steel sheet piling and continuous flight auger (CFA) piling for WINVIC, in Birmingham, to enable the construction of a 25-storey student accommodation building.

Using the TM22 leader rig the team pre-augered at each clutch location, to prepare the ground for the installation of the steel sheet piles and to reduce vibration in areas near services. VolkerGround Engineering then installed 24, AZ18-700 steel sheet piles with the TM22, fitted with a vibro hammer, which was used to back drive to design level. The steel sheet piles were installed to form an L shaped wall, in order to retain the embankment, public footpath and highway.

VolkerGround Engineering’s next job was to construct 130 CFA reinforced bearing piles, ranging between 600mm and 900mm in diameter and 20-23m in depth. The team used a Llamada P140 -CFA piling rig, fitted with an air injection system, to ensure a greater rock socket within the underlying sandstone bedrock and achieve design to level.

By delivering both steel and concrete techniques under one contract, VolkerGround Engineering was able to offer significant savings and efficiencies to the client by utilising the same commercial, supervisory and management team. VolkerGround Engineering was also able to streamline the programme and offer one point of contact to the client, making communication more efficient and effective.

Through value engineering and sustainable materials selection, VolkerGround Engineering significantly reduced the carbon footprint of this scheme. The in-house design team reduced overall pile diameters and introduced a third pile diameter to enable savings on concrete and bore spoil, over 250m3, a total embodied carbon saving of 40,787kgCO2e. VolkerGround Engineering was also able to re-use over 34 tonnes of steel from their stock.

This is an excellent example of how VolkerGround Engineering can provide sustainable solutions, whilst delivering the best value for the client.