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Sustainability at VolkerStevin

We are committed to the responsible and professional management of the environment during our construction works, and to making sustainable choices during the planning stages of our projects in order to reduce our environmental impact wherever we can.

It is our duty to create a sustainable future for ourselves and future generations. VolkerStevin's approach to sustainability is driven by the VolkerWessels UK People-Planet-Purpose Sustainability Framework 2020-2030: A decade of action. 

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Our ‘Decade of Action’

The framework builds on excellent foundations and unlocks our desire to take bold action to balance the needs of the environment and society alongside our growth as a business.

It makes the commitment that 2020-2030 will be our ‘Decade of Action’ and sets a flexible, agile and empowering structure for our organisation. It also enables us to convey to our stakeholders our collective ambitions and achievements.

Each of the People-Planet-Purpose pillars has three ‘themes’ and a total of 26 high level metrics, which allow us to measure and monitor performance. 

Read VolkerWessels UK 'People-Planet-Purpose' sustainability framework here
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People - putting people at the heart of our approach

Our people are the foundation of our business, so their safety and wellbeing will remain our priority, as will our desire to ensure our workplace is an inclusive and inspiring place to be. 

VolkerStevin continue to win numerous awards not only for our excellent safety and wellbeing standards, but for the way we treat our employees through our inclusive culture and empowering sustainable leadership.

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Planet – protecting and enhancing our natural environment

Each of our projects is unique and, as such, the environmental risks and opportunities that they present are unique. Our ability to address these risks professionally, combined with creatively assessing the opportunities available to us to deliver no net loss or, better still, net positive solutions, will ensure we act responsibly and proactively. Efforts to minimise our carbon footprint impact is a key focus area.

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Purpose - delivering long-term social value

Making responsible and forward-thinking choices about the way our projects are executed, and how they will deliver social value, will support our overall vision to be the contractor of choice and encourage us to be a good neighbour in the communities in which we work.

Addressing sustainability challenges requires collaboration. We actively seek partnerships with local environmental and community groups, charities, schools and colleges, within areas we are working.