wind turbines in a field on a dark cloudy day

Carbon Reduction at VolkerStevin

We are committed to taking positive action to reduce or, wherever possible, eliminate our adverse impacts on climate change, both on-site and through individual actions.

We recognise that our on-site activities have a carbon impact, and we embrace the opportunity to work with our clients collaboratively to reduce operational carbon. We adhere to the VolkerWessels UK Carbon Reduction Strategy that sets out our target of being Net Zero by 2035 for all Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and for those Scope 3 emissions which are under our direct control, and Net Zero for all emissions by 2050.

Click here to read the VolkerWessels UK Carbon Reduction Strategy and VolkerStevin Carbon Reduction Plan, in line with the requirements of PPN 06/21.

Portable powerpack used on a construction site

Reducing our emissions year on year

Efforts to minimise our carbon footprint impact remain a key focus area. Recent initiatives include the implementation of energy-efficient practices by optimising power systems through the use of energy management systems in temporary welfare and hybrid generators, and adopting certified renewable energy through our energy broker. 

Electric charge point on a car

Increasing the number of electric and hybrid vehicles

Transport plays a significant role in our carbon footprint. We continue to encourage the use of public transportation and support the growth of electric vehicles in use by our employees.

It is our aim to increase the percentage of electric and hybrid company cars in our fleet and we have commenced trials on the use of electric commercial vehicles. 

Currently, 84% of VolkerWessels UK company car fleet and 90% of new company car orders are electric or hybrid.

Man in orange hi-vis holding a small computer tablet on a construction site

Looking ahead

Sustainability is a journey, and we are proud of the strides we have taken so far to become leaders in this field. Looking ahead, we have set ambitious targets to further our sustainability efforts. 

This includes continuing to work with our clients, supply chain and procurement teams to promote sustainable choices of materials, and embrace emerging technologies that align with our sustainability goals. Progress towards this carbon reduction target will be externally verified through VolkerWessels UK’s Planet Mark certification, to ensure credibility and transparency.

We will continue to explore opportunities to enhance our environmental, social, and governance practices, ensuring that sustainability remains at the core of our business strategies.