Our story

For nearly a century we have shaped the natural and built environment around us.


We were founded in the UK in 1934 by our Dutch parent company and have remained part of the same privately-owned organisation ever since.

In many ways our business is unrecognisable from its beginnings but, in many ways, we are just the same – a passionate group of committed and talented engineers and supporting professionals, shaping the natural and built environment around us to make life easier, safer and more sustainable.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Gateshead Millenium Bridge

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In our early days, as Harbour & General Works Ltd, we mainly undertook marine works from our base in Morecambe, Lancashire. Whilst we have always maintained a marine focus, our portfolio of services has expanded considerably over the years into the flood and coastal, defence, water, energy and regeneration sectors. Iconic projects such as Gateshead Millennium Bridge put the company on the map.

To reflect our widening and expanding portfolio, our profile and the branding of our Dutch founders, the company was renamed VolkerStevin in 2003.

Ipswich Tidal Barrier

Ipswich Tidal Barrier

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In 2009, our Dutch parent company consolidated VolkerStevin and its four other UK businesses to reinforce the identity and provide visible evidence of the scale and capability of the companies as part of VolkerWessels UK.

Today, with a head office in Preston, Lancashire but with bases and offices across the UK, we work more closely than ever before with our four UK sister companies. We share a common culture, identity, management systems and digital construction approach as we use our respective engineering skills to collaboratively deliver multidisciplinary projects for major clients. Being part of privately owned VolkerWessels group provides us with considerable financial stability as well as access to a wide range of technologies and specialist skills through our sister companies.