Digital innovation.

Digital innovation

VolkerStevin is focused on being a sustainable high value construction company enabled by modern technology and data driven decision making.

digital innovation group

Powered by data - driven by people

Tomorrow Now is our programme which embraces digital construction and innovative solutions to enable data driven decision making. It keeps our team focused on understanding the current challenges and looking ahead to what may be needed in the future. The team’s best ideas are piloted to prove their benefits and subsequently the most suitable ones are scaled across the business. We are seeing the real operational benefits that come from creating new applications and embedding technological changes across our business. We are fulfilling our aspiration to be ‘powered by data, driven by people’, which means using digital tools to shape mindsets as well as techniques. 

Digital innovation.

Harnessing digital construction and innovation

The group's digital construction programme focuses everyone and drives improvements through the production of digital plans and a digital toolbox. This toolbox enables innovations to be shared across the businesses, as it brings together key solutions with known benefits in one place. It is used alongside our digital challenge process where we review project and team requirements and then provide a select suite of technologies for each project. 

digital innovation

Dedicated digital specialists

We have created VolkerVisuals, a network of specialists dedicated to supporting projects to better visualise and manage construction delivery and logistical issues. It has supported over 100 tenders and projects to date, improving the understanding of project delivery across all engagement at all levels. On top of this, our bespoke interactive game, VolkerWorld, lets users play the role of a site management team facing a range of challenging situations.