IPort Bridges

IPort Bridges

In April 2023, VolkerGround Engineering was contracted by Eurovia Infrastructure Ltd to design and construct Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) bearing piles and a King Post wall. This work was done as part of the wider I Port Bridges scheme, which includes the construction of a 16.2m clear span composite deck bridge, with integral reinforced concrete abutments and wingwalls.

As part of VolkerGround Engineering’s ECI works, the team carried out a value engineering exercise, which highlighted an opportunity to save the client additional time and money. Due to the topography of the site, the team identified that the piles could be installed from a lower platform, leaving the concrete near the cut off level and the steel reinforcement above the piling platform level. This reduced the follow on works and decreased the programme duration.

The teams first task was to construct a 40 linear metre King Post wall, using VolkerGround Engineering’s ABI TM22 leader rig to pre-auger the pile line prior to installation. The team used a vibrating hammer to drive the universal column soldier piles and steel sheet piles to level. The installation of the King Post wall allowed for the piling platform to be installed in preparation for the CFA works. The King Post wall also allowed for the excavation of material as part of the pile trimming and bridge construction.

Once the platform was complete, VolkerGround Engineering constructed a 750mm diameter sacrificial trial pile, which would later determine the boreability of the other CFA piles. Once installed, the piles would support the east and west bridge abutments.

Upon successful completion of the trial pile, the team commenced installation of the 12, 750mm diameter CFA bearing piles into strong sandstone using VolkerGround Engineering’s Soilmec SR75 piling rig.