Park Royal

Park Royal

VolkerGround Engineering was awarded a £0.9m contract by Modebest to undertake steel piling works at Park Royal, London.

The VolkerGround Engineering team installed temporary sacrificial sheet piling to three new-build residential blocks, to allow the construction of reinforced concrete basements.

A substantial amount of the piling works were completed in areas close to residential properties. VolkerGround Engineering utilised a ZU100 silent press to ensure the works did not breach strict noise and vibration restrictions in these areas.

In other areas of the site where no noise and vibration restrictions applied, the team used an ABI TM 13/16 leader rig to complete the works and install the remainder of the piles.

Due to obstructions in the ground which could not be excavated, the team altered the pile line within agreed limits and pre-augered in advance of the leader rig. These adaptations minimised disruption to the programme.

A challenge occurred when a hot water main crossed the line of one of the cofferdams in two locations. Our experienced team easily overcame the issue by using a bridging detail to enable an unbroken pile line and to mitigate the risk of a service strike.

The successful completion of the project at Park Royal resulted in a strong relationship between VolkerGround Engineering and the main contractor. The team have since secured further works with Modebest.