Dover Western Docks Revival

Dover Western Docks Revival

The Port of Dover is one of the world’s busiest passenger ports and handles up to £122bn of trade anually. In order to meet the demands on the cargo business, and the high volume of traffic at the port, the Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) scheme was launched.

The DWDR scheme includes the construction of two deep-water berths and a new refrigerated cargo terminal, with 13 hectares of reclaimed land for future port-centric development, a new marina in the outer harbour with a transformed public-realm waterfront.

The project is a prestigious, transformational development, in which VSBW, a joint venture compromising VolkerStevin and Boskalis Westminster, was awarded the initial contract to deliver the marine structures and bridge contract.

VolkerFitzpatrick was awarded the contract for the next phase, which included the enabling and infrastructure works for the new berths. They sub-contracted the construction of five new cofferdams to VolkerGround Engineeering to enable the building of new outfall structures.

VolkerGround Engineering was awarded a £0.45m sub-contract by VolkerFitzpatrick to install five new cofferdams to allow the construction of new outfall structures. To construct the cofferdams, VolkerGround Engineering installed 3,632m2 of sheet piling and 8no. 725mm steel tubes using a combination of conventional methods and a TM 13/16 leader rig.

The DWDR site included some difficult ground conditions. The VolkerGround Engineering team carried out soil loosening and back driving using an SL30 drop hammer to drive the piles.

VolkerGround Engineering’s works on the DWDR project began in July 2018 with the overall project scheduled for completion in early 2019.