Strood Riverside

Strood Riverside

In July 2018, VolkerGround Engineering commenced the installation of 9800m2 of sheet piles, to form a retaining wall to raise the flood defences in Strood, South East England.

These works were an element of a flood defence package awarded to VolkerGround Engineering’s parent company, VolkerStevin, by Medway Council as part of a wider urban regeneration plan for the area.

This project is a fantastic example of inter-company collaboration. VolkerHighways, VolkerStevin, VolkerGround Engineering and VolkerBrooks all worked together to successfully deliver the scheme.

VolkerStevin constructed a new 850 metre long steel sheet pile river wall, demolished an existing concrete storage building, carried out remediation works and installated 10,000 prefabricated vertical drains.

VolkerHighways were responsible for realigning the carriageway, away from the watercourse, and VolkerBrooks undertook the steel fabrication works.

VolkerGround Engineering worked at two sites on the north bank of the river Medway; the Civic Centre site to the North West and the Riverside site to the North East of the Railway. The sites consisted of land adjacent to the river and existing industrial yard, bounded by the railway.

Adjacent to the railway bridge, the team used a ZU100 pile press and mobile crane with a slew restrictor, due to it being a vibration sensitive area and within close proximity to the railway line. VolkerGround Engineering also undertook background vibration monitoring in this area to comply with Network Rail requirements.

Our team constructed a sheet piled wall adjacent to the Riverside Tavern and the main river wall using a 14/17 Leader rig and 50 tonne telescopic crawler crane.

Phase 2 of the project involved the installation of 160 linear meters of AZ18-700 and AZ26-700 sheet piles opposite Strood Station and along the riverside.