New Wear Footbridge news.jpg

Work progresses on Sunderland’s New Wear high-level Footbridge

Work on the New Wear high-level Footbridge has progressed well over the last few months with the installation of 14 1300/1180mm diameter piles up to 26m deep, which form the foundations to the south abutment and south pier, now complete.

The work to the south abutment, which was delivered by our piling specialists, VolkerGround Engineering in a heavily constrained space with local traffic, pedestrians and other buildings all surrounding the work area, saw their piling rig working less than 3.5m away from the Riverside Sunderland flagship office, The Beam.

In order to de-risk the site activities and ensure a right first-time approach, a series of collaborative planning sessions were held with our client, Sunderland City Council, and our supply chain. We used digital tools to model the working area and ensure that no damage to the existing buildings surrounding the site would occur during mobilisation or installation of the piles, while also ensuring minimal disruption to the public.

Once complete the bridge will provide access to both pedestrians and cyclists, creating improved connections between the city centre and the Sheepfolds area. The bridge will also integrate cutting-edge technology to create engaging interactive experiences for those who cross it.