The Strandliners return to Rother Tidal Walls-East

The team at Rother Tidal Walls-East recently welcomed the Strandliners group back to site. The Strandliners are an organisation, made up of volunteers, who aim to stop plastic pollution by identifying its source.

The Strandliners have previously visited our project site, to conduct a riverbank survey on the plastic pollution at Scots Float Sluice, an area where rubbish collects after flowing down the river. The litter was collected and taken back to site where it was recorded.

On the groups most recent visit to site, they picked and identified almost 700 items, 30% of this came from food packaging, 10% was made up of household items and just over 50% was comprised of pieces of plastic, polystyrene and machined wood. The items which they picked were recorded and displayed at the groups ‘Love Rother’ event, which was held at the Rye Community Centre to showcase potential solutions to environmental pollution.