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Local birdwatching group visits Rother Tidal Walls-East

A local birdwatching group recently returned to our Rother Tidal Walls-East project, to carry out a count of the waterbirds along the stretch of River from Scott’s Float to Monkbretton Bridge.

A large variety of birds have been recorded during the group’s latest visit to site, some of which include Goosanders, Redshanks, Dunlins and Herring Gulls. It is great to see the diverse wildlife that surrounds our projects.

Our team working on the Rother Tidal Walls-East project have created a winter sightings board, where they have recorded all the waterbirds which have been spotted over the winter period and the  birdwatching group have been able to add a few more!

Robert Greenhalf, head of the birdwatching group, said: “Wetland Bird surveys were started in 1947 by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). The aim is to carry out a co-ordinated count of all waterbirds throughout the British Isles on a set day each month. Waterbirds include Wildfowl (Ducks, Geese and Swans) Waders, Cormorants, Herons and Gulls.”

“Over 3,000 counters cover 2,800 sites across the country. Counts for all the most important sites on Romney Marsh, including Pett Level are collated to give a better picture of what is happening to numbers across the area as a whole, before they are sent on to the BTO.”