Birley Fields

Birley Fields

In July 2019, VolkerGround Engineering was awarded a contract by Kier Construction, for the installation of Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles at Birley Fields. The piles will enable the construction of a new student accommodation building at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Using our PVE55 CFA piling rig, the VolkerGround Engineering team installed 339 CFA bearing piles, of 450mm and 600mm diameters, and three king post walls into clay over sandstone.

During construction, VolkerGround Engineering faced many challenges. These included extreme weather conditions, unforeseen obstructions, a restricted working area and site logistics, mostly due to extensive groundworks being carried out adjacent to the piling area.

Our team was able to overcome these challenges by working closely with the main contractor, Kier, who assisted our team in working around difficult logistics and with the concrete lay down area. This ensured that a more efficient piling sequence was achieved.

Throughout the works, our team worked closely with Kier to maintain high standards on site, and facilitated open communication between all trades.