Horwich (Bolton Parklands)

VolkerGround Engineering was contracted by SCC Design & Build Ltd. to install bearing piles for the development of a multi-story car park in Horwich, Greater Manchester.

The works were completed in two phases using an SR-95 and a PVE-55 drilling rig to install 78no. 750mm diameter Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles.

VolkerGround Engineering is passionate about using new technology and developing new piling solutions, enabling better efficiency and cost saving. In 2018 the business invested in a Soilmec SR-95 piling rig. Horwich (Bolton Parklands) was the first project that the rig worked on.

Due to the quick-change functionality of the SR-95, from CFA to rotary, the team was able to react quickly to the ground conditions on site.

It was originally envisaged that rotary techniques would be necessary to form the required rock sockets into the underlying mudstone and limestone. However, due to the unexpected presence of water, this was not feasible.

With the ability to quickly change from rotary to CFA, the decision was made to use the high power of the SR95 to form CFA piles instead. The power of the SR95 was sufficient to successfully construct the piles to depth without any issues.

This enabled the team to complete the programme on time and to budget.