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VSBW reaches important milestone on the Southsea Coastal Scheme

The VSBW team, a VolkerStevin and Boskalis Westminster joint venture, has reached an important milestone on the £100m Southsea Coastal Scheme, installing a total of 250 steel sheet piles along the first section of the defences, stretching from Long Curtain Moat to Clarence Pier.

To the east of the Spur Redoubt, the toe beam (a support and protection beam at the bottom of the piles) has been installed and drainage work continues, including building of another manhole. Rock armour for the Eastern side of the works is also due to arrive in the coming weeks. 

The piles, that VolkerGround Engineering began installing at the beginning of December last year, will form part of the new sea defences. Despite encountering bad weather conditions, stiff clay and ground re-compaction after pre-augering, the piling team made excellent progress to complete the western section of the scheme, after finishing the eastern section ahead of programme.

The old steel piles that made up the former sea defences have been removed and work is continuing with the silent piler on the rear piles to ensure vibrations don’t impact on the newly uncovered historic wall. Waling beams are also being installed on the west pile lines to support the piles already driven into place and to ensure stability.

"We’re delighted that we reached this important milestone in time for the Easter weekend. With 250 piles now in place on the west front pile line, VolkerGround Engineering will continue works with the silent piler to ensure that the historic wall remains unimpacted. Great work and collaboration by all the team.”

Neil Dorling Senior project manager for the Southsea Coastal Scheme