Southsea Coastal Scheme visit Portsmouth Grammar School

Some of the team working on the Southsea Coastal Scheme recently visited Portsmouth Grammar School, to speak to four Year 5 geography classes about the works being carried out on the scheme.

During the spring term the students will be exploring the effects of climate change and what their ‘future city’ may look like or need. Many of the students live in Southsea so were eager to learn more about the scheme that is happening right on their doorstep.

The team gave the students a wave tank demonstration, the wave tank helps to simulate how different sea defences work and the benefits of each defence. Once the class had seen how the sea defences worked, they split into groups to decide which sea defences they would use and why, at different parts of the Southsea seafront.

It was great to see young minds so interested in the scheme and the team have hopefully inspired some future engineers!