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VolkerStevin scores full marks in CCS audit on the Padiham Flood Risk Management Scheme

The Padiham Flood Risk Management Scheme has scored a full 45 marks on a recent Considerate Constructors Scheme audit, plus an additional point for best practice. The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) seeks to improve the image of the construction industry by striving to promote and achieve high standards under its Code of Considerate Practice.

The scheme scored the full 15 marks in each of the three key areas and was awarded an additional, best practice point, for the use of biodegradable zip ties on the project. The zip ties last a minimum of two years and have a biodegradable composition meaning they decompose under prolonged exposure to UV light, moisture and micro-organisms. The team have used the zip ties on signs and fencing around the construction site.

Works are progressing well on the scheme and the team are continuing to make good progress with the construction of the flood defence wall, along the east bank of the River Calder. So far, the team have built 140m of the reinforced concrete wall, to full height, and are now starting on the concrete infill. The wall has been constructed within a proprietary precast concrete modular block system, with a reinforced concrete base slab and shear key.

The reinstatement works within Conlans Butchers Yard have been completed and a reinforced concrete wall and wall base have been built. A new staircase has been installed along with the supporting steelwork. The team have also removed and replaced the existing water drainage within this area, this includes new pipework, gullies and connections to existing drainage.

A new double leaf flood gate, with associated FRC works, will be installed across the riverside access from Bendwood close.