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VolkerStevin recycle building materials to provide new outdoor play area equipment for local nursery

VolkerStevin, on behalf of the Environment Agency, is currently constructing flood protection works to five areas of Padiham, as part of the Padiham Flood Risk Management Scheme. The team will be raising and strengthening the existing flood defences, constructing new embankments and erecting a new footbridge and flood gates, along the River Calder and the Green Brook.

Following the completion of the first flood defence wall, the team was left with a surplus of materials including pipes, bricks and approximately 90-100 timber pallets from coping stone deliveries. These materials would usually require disposal from site, however, to avoid unnecessary waste the team thought of a better way to recycle the materials which would have a positive impact on the local community and environment. They reached out to Padiwacks Day Nursery, a nursery local to the site compound, and arranged to build items for their outdoor play area.

Timber pallets, plastic drainage pipes, engineering bricks, concrete coping stones and logs were recycled into a tepee, a flatbed truck with seating, a bug hotel and a flower basket hanging area. During the construction of the items, the children from the nursery were invited to site to watch them being built. The children were overjoyed with their new play area and drew the team pictures to show their appreciation.

“I would like to thank the team at Padiham for all the time and effort they have put into building the items for the play area. They look amazing and the children are very happy and excited.”

Natalie Mcgough Manager at Padiwacks Day Nursery