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Meet our apprentices

Milosz Fabiancz NAW 2.jpg

Milosz Fabianczuk

Milosz Fabianczuk joined VolkerStevin in 2023, he is currently undertaking a civil engineering degree apprenticeship. Milosz is in his first year of studies and is completing his degree at Liverpool John Moores University. We spoke to Milosz to find out why he chose to pursue a career in engineering and why he chose the apprenticeship route.

“The best advice I could give someone who is about to start an apprenticeship is to not fear asking questions, you learn so much from your colleagues and each person will provide you with a new skill or piece of knowledge.”

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Courtney McNeil NAW 2.jpg

Courtney McNeil

Courtney McNeil joined VolkerStevin in 2022 as a trainee corporate communications coordinator, she is currently undertaking a Public Relations and Communications Assistant level 4 qualification. Courtney has just begun her end point assessment and is due to complete her apprenticeship within the next few months. We spoke to Courtney to find out more about her apprenticeship and the process of her end point assessment.

“Ichose to do an apprenticeship as I felt it aligned more with my future goals, it gave me the opportunity to earn an income whilst getting experience within the workplace and working towards a qualification.”

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Kieran Brophy NAW 2.jpg

Kieran Brophy

Kieran Brophy joined VolkerStevin in 2023, he is a first year Quantity Surveyor degree apprentice who is based on our C2V+, a VolkerStevin and Jacobs joint venture, Congleton Wastewater Treatment Works. Kieran is 32 years old and previously worked in the automotive industry, but last year made the decision to change careers. Read below to find out how Kieran handled the transition into his apprenticeship and what motivated him to make the change.

“My family were the driving force behind my apprenticeship, I was made redundant from my previous job and wanted to build a career which would provide a stable income to support them. Since then I have been able to watch projects develop, get hands on learning experience and develop new skills.”

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Nadine Bold NAW.jpg

Nadine Bold

Nadine Bold joined VolkerStevin as an apprentice engineer in 2017, where she undertook a civil engineering degree at Liverpool John Moores University. Upon successful completion of her apprenticeship, Nadine took a three-month sabbatical to travel around Australia! Nadine has recently been promoted to Senior Engineer, working on our HS2 project. Here we ask Nadine more about her time as an apprentice and what she has achieved since graduating.

“It can be challenging at times to juggle university with your workload, however it is completely worth it. At the end of my degree, I had not only achieved a degree in civil engineering, but I also had five years of site experience and the opportunity of becoming IEng too.”

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