The VolkerStevin Way

The VolkerStevin Way is an internal framework that helps us to build and maintain a healthy culture and sets out ‘how we do things.'

The VolkerStevin Way sits at the core of everything we do every day. It underpins our culture and explains our approach, helps us make decisions and defines the behaviours we expect from ourselves and each other. It is the overarching way we do things and encompasses all other initiatives we have across the business.

At the heart of The VolkerStevin Way is our vision 'Deliver with certainty' - for our partners, people, clients and supply chain which in turn leads to stronger relationships and a sustainable business.  

Delivering with certainty embodies our approach, it means we always get the basics right, we plan and think before we take action, and we are consistent, reliable and dependable.

The VolkerStevin Way is applicable to everyone within our business and our partners. It helps to distinguish us from the rest, and makes us proud of who we are.