Reliable electricity delivery for the Randstad

Reliable electricity delivery for the Randstad

The west of the Netherlands is a major producer as well as importer of electricity. The electricity must be transported with maximum reliability via a reliable power network to and from the rest of the Netherlands and other European countries. The Randstad 380kV connection provides for this and also for a robust transit capacity for the wind farms in the North Sea. In addition, the new 380kV ring connection provides for a reliable power delivery in the Randstad.

On behalf of TenneT TSO B.V., VolkerInfra Randstad 380 (VIR380) designs and realizes the Civil Engineering Project Randstad 380kV Noordring, parcel 1, Vijfhuizen - Zuid Ringvaart. VolkerInfra consists of a joint venture of VolkerWessels companies Visser & Smit Hanab, Van Hattum and Blankevoort, KWS and SPIE.

As part of VIR380, Visser & Smit Hanab is responsible for the implementation of a total of 45 horizontal directional drillings (HDDs) at 11 different locations, and the installation of a total of approximately 10 kilometers of underground high-voltage cables.

In total, 4 new high-voltage connections are constructed in parallel (2pcs 380kV and 2pcs 150kV). Each connection is being realised in a separate trench. The HDD’s and the installation of the 380 kV cables under the Noordzeekanaal (950 meters) have been executed by Visser & Smit Hanab in an earlier stage.

The realization is in full swing on the section between de Zuidelijke ringvaart and Vijfhuizen. Horizontal directional drills are performed on the various sections and HV cables are installed. The Randstad 380 kV Noordring section is expected to be taken into use by the end of 2018.

Further information about our contribution in this project and a discussion about the possibilities of our cable department, mail to Michel Molema, project manager V&SH;

For more information about our drilling activities, contact Maurits van Balen Blanken, commercial manager Drilling;

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