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North East Procurement Organisation - NEPO211 Framework for Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Works

VolkerStevin is a delivery partner on the NEPO211 Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Works Framework which runs to March 2025. This £400m framework, provides public sector organisations with a compliant route to market for civil engineering and infrastructure projects.

As its name suggests, NEPO is primarily used by North East local authorities. However, it is available to local authorities and other public sector bodies across the UK. The framework comprises of 13 lots covering civil engineering and infrastructure works in the geographic regions of the Tees Valley, Northumberland, the wider North East, and then nationally.

VolkerStevin is incumbent on various lots for project values between £1m and over £10m, both regionally (in the North East) and nationally. VolkerStevin is also the sole supplier on Lot 12 for projects valued between £5m and £10m across the whole of the UK.

We have been pre-assessed by NEPO for our experience, technical and professional ability, giving clients the ability to procure with no further vetting. Clients also have the ability to appoint VolkerStevin via competitive or direct award procedures. The scope of works covered by the framework is very broad and includes marine, coastal, river, highways, public realm, and drainage works.