National Grid Electricity Construction EPC Framework

We are one of nine contractors that have been selected to deliver the £1.5 billion Electricity Construction EPC framework. The purpose of this framework is to develop sustainable energy networks efficiently, to accommodate the growing energy demand from current and future customers of National Grid.

What we are doing

We are delivering projects on Lot 2 of the National Grid Electricity Construction EPC Framework. This involves designing, engineering, manufacturing, supplying, constructing, erecting and commissioning underground cabling works.

We will deliver our assigned projects in line with Project 13 and National Grid’s RIIO (Revenue = Incentives + Innovation + Outputs) Business Plan. These plans encourage collaborative working in order to achieve a timely, cost-efficient and high-quality delivery.

Project successes

In delivering projects on this framework, we are helping National Grid to increase its assets to manage the increasing energy demands in the UK. We are also playing a key role in advancing the way we deliver projects to maximise the benefits we can achieve for our clients. For example, in delivering projects using Project 13, we can assist the client and the other framework contractors with the following:

  • Organisation – We will engage our supply chain early so they can inform our solutions.
  • Governance – We will help define each project’s value based on baselines, benchmarks and affordability.
  • Integration – We will be open and transparent, encouraging working as one team.
  • Digital transformation – We will share our digital tools that have been tried and tested on previous projects
  • Capableo – We will form close working relationships with asset owners, including them in decisions that impact long term asset performance.