Kettleton Reservoir

Kettleton Reservoir

VolkerMarine Services was subcontracted by George Leslie to supply Linkflote pontoons for the strengthening of the valve tower for the pedestrian footbridge at Kettleton Reservoir.

Due to the nature of the site location, site access was very restricted. The project required careful planning and an innovative solution as these restrictions meant that large equipment, including cranes and standard artic wagons for deliveries, could not access the site.

The pontoons were required so that the work could be completed on site by moving the bridge from its foundations, rather than moving the bridge to a different location. VolkerMarine Services supplied nine standard Linkflote pontoons to create a platform that was able to support a jacking frame and jacks. This allowed the team to raise the bridge off its existing foundations and moor it to the quay side so that the corbel repair and foundations could be strengthened safely, and with minimum disruption to the end client and the surrounding residents.

As the water in the Kettleton Reservoir serves as a main drinking supply for the local area, VolkerMarine Services had to ensure that there would be no environmental impact on the water quality. Following in-depth discussions with the client and end client, it was decided that all pontoons used in the project would be blasted and repainted with the Jotun 87 glass flake paint system, a widely used system in the marine industry. This was to ensure a consistent quality and reduce any environmental impact on the water quality when the pontoons were in the reservoir.

Scottish Water manager, Simon Renton, thanked VolkerMarine Services for its support in this challenging project, and praised the project team for delivering the work in a safe and well managed manner.

“George Leslie appreciate the planning and effort on site from all subcontractors involved with the project, everyone went above and beyond to make this happen with a few very late shifts in there, plus travelling. I’m pleased to say this was coordinated well and that all involved worked very well together.”

Richard Paterson Sub agent for George Leslie, spoke on behalf of the client