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HS2 Colne Valley Viaduct

HS2 is currently constructing the longest railway bridge in the UK, in order to achieve a high-speed link between London and Birmingham. To assist in the delivery of this project, HS2 required the delivery of temporary works to assist in the construction of a viaduct, that will span across Colne Valley.

What we did

We are responsible for constructing four temporary jetties that HS2 can work from, to deliver the permanent Colne Valley Viaduct. We have been constructing the jetty using tubular piles, which run parallel to the permanent foundations of the new viaduct.

VolkerStevin appointed a steelwork contractor to fabricate, supply and install 5,000t of structural steelwork for the jetties. Known as jetty A, B, C and D, these considerable temporary steel structures are 384m-long, 144m-long, 300m-long, and 180m-long respectively.

We have arranged for the steel decks to be prefabricated and delivered to site, each 6m-wide and 12m-long. Using this form of off-site construction has meant a safer programme as there is less work undertaken over water and it is a faster, more efficient method.

Each jetty comprises a double carriageway, a two-direction walkway, service passages and storage areas with an approximate length of 990m.

Project successes

Our works have provided the crucial steppingstone needed to bring HS2’s vision to life. At 10m-wide, our four jetties are being used to help with the construction of the viaduct piers, as well as providing access routes over water for plant, equipment and materials in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.