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Heysham 1&2 Power Stations

EDF needed a civil engineering contractor to provide the support required to keep the Heysham 1&2 Power Stations operational.


The support included accommodating Sea Water Cooling System statutory outages and system diversion/installation works.

What we are doing

The Unit 7 and 8 Sea Water Cooling System outage, took place every year as a mandatory part of the safe maintenance of the power station. During these outages, we coordinated the civil engineering aspects of the works, such as confined space working.

During each outage, the cooling system was drained and the detritus that has accumulated, was removed. Once completed we completed inspection and maintenance works to the steel pipework, screens, valves, penstocks, gaskets and bolt sets, replacing parts where necessary. We also inspected and repaired all concrete surfaces and coordinated subcontractors carrying out works to the services and the mechanical handling equipment and components.

In addition to supporting the outages, we completed several works including maintaining buildings, service diversions/installation, paving roads and delivering marine works to the quayside.

Project successes

As a result of our works over the contracted sixteen years, we supported EDF in operating the Heysham 1&2 Power Stations, allowing them to continue supplying power to the national grid. Our works ensured the facilities remained functional and were safe for the members of staff working there.