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Our charter

VolkerStevin recognises the need to establish strong working relationships with its valued supply chain partners to build integrated teams early in the procurement process with the appropriate skills, experience and capability to deliver exceptional value solutions. Our supply chain relationships are characterised by efficiency, honesty, openness, co-operation, collaboration and continuous improvement. They are aimed at greater integration and improving communications to deliver benefits for all project stakeholders.

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VolkerStevin strives to:

  • Achieve high standards in health and safety, and the environment
  • Provide the most cost-effective and sustainable solutions
  • Continually develop long-term strategic alliances and partnerships with our supply chain
  • Actively encourage a creative and innovative approach
  • Participate in continuous improvement initiatives
  • Ensure payments are made in accordance with agreed terms
  • Resolve conflict in a non-adversarial manner
  • Recognise excellent supplier performance by providing opportunities for repeat business
  • Apply VolkerStevin's mission, vision and values
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VolkerStevin expects its suppliers to:

  • Have high commitment to health and safety, and the environment
  • Have the skills and ability to provide consistently high quality standards
  • Provide products and services to agreed specifications, programmes and cost
  • Collaborate with all members of the supply chain to achieve project objectives
  • Promote a non-adversarial attitude to dispute resolution
  • Commit to and participate in continuous improvement initiatives
  • Adhere to VolkerStevin's mission, vision and values
VolkerStevin employees on site

Collectively we will:

  • Provide high standards in health and safety, and the environment
  • Create an open and honest environment that will develop mutual trust, integrity and respect
  • Generate a ‘right first time' solution for our customers through efficient planning, measuring performance and effectively managing risk
  • Minimise waste and inefficiency through innovation and design solutions resulting in reduction of overall costs
  • Deliver an overall cost benefit
  • Deliver best value to our clients