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VolkerTrenchless Solutions enters delivery phase of Anglian Water’s Strategic Pipeline Alliance

VolkerTrenchless Solutions (VTS), our Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) specialists, has entered the delivery phase of Anglian Water’s Strategic Pipeline Alliance in March 2023 following an extensive Early Contractor Involvement and design phase. Over the past two months the team has deployed its 100t prime HDD rig and completed an additional 4 HDD crossings. In total VTS has now installed 12 HDD crossings totalling over 3.5km of 710mm HDPE SDR11 pipe and over 3.1km of 160mm HDPE SDR11 pipe.

Hornsea 3 will be located in the North Sea, approximately 120 km off the Norfolk coast and 160 km off the Yorkshire coast. It will include up to 231 offshore wind turbines within a 696 km2 area. The wind farm will be capable of generating 2.9 GW of green electricity, enough to meet the average daily needs of over 3.3 million homes.

VTS are proud to be involved in one of the UK’s major infrastructure projects and look forward to being part of its continued success.