Portsmouth UHAF project achieves ‘Very Good’ CEEQUAL Award

The Portsmouth Upper Harbour Ammunition Facility (UHAF) project is the latest VolkerStevin project to achieve a CEEQUAL award, and demonstrates its strong commitment to environmental and social performance. The project, a new ammunition facility at Portsmouth Naval Base that forms a key component to the government's future defence strategy, achieved a score of ‘Very Good' from CEEQUAL.

C10484 - Portsmouth UHAF 1 resize.jpg

Some of the extra measures taken by Portsmouth UHAF to ensure sustainability on the project include:

  • 99% of waste recycled at a local recycling facility
  • Re-use of an existing hard-standing area used for the site compound, avoiding the use of greenfield land take and the need to import aggregates to create a suitable area
  • All timber certified as being responsibly sourced through Chain of Custody evidence, in accordance with the government's timber procurement policy
  • As many of the concrete elements as possible were pre-cast in order to reduce the need to pour concrete in the harbor, reducing risk of water contamination
  • All steel piles and pre-cast concrete units were imported to the site by sea rather than by road, reducing the impact of the project on the local roads as well as the associated carbon emissions from transport
  • Works were undertaken from the deck of a barge, enabling materials and liquids to be stored appropriately
  • Two wind turbines were installed to charge a battery pack in order to minimise the need for generators during periods of low energy demand
  • During the construction phase, a timer was installed on the site compound floodlights to ensure it was switched off overnight, minimising both nuisance to local residents and electricity consumption
  • Energy use was tracked monthly using a spreadsheet and displayed on site notice boards to ensure everyone was aware of energy consumption

Stuart Eckersley, VolkerStevin contracts director, said: "VolkerStevin is dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of site safety and environmental control, including reduction in waste, exceed the expectations of clients and the local community.

"We are delighted to have achieved this award, which demonstrates the proactive approach taken to achieve environmental and social performance on the project."