Major progress at The Preston and South Ribble Flood Risk Management Scheme

Works are progressing well on the Preston and South Ribble Flood Risk Management Scheme as two areas of the flood scheme have made major progress over recent months.

The new flood defence walls along Broadgate are complete, with over 180 wall units installed. The concrete wall units were specifically designed and cast for the scheme and are being finished with coping stones. The footpath and cycle way between Broadgate Gardens and Penwortham Old Bridge has been reinstated and was reopened at the end of 2023.

Piling has commenced from where the embankment transitions into the flood wall, near Margaret Road/Hawkhurst Road. Further piling is required from Hawkhurst Road and along Riverside Road which is scheduled for later this year. The embankment behind Margaret Road is almost complete and the team have started to replace and create footpaths.

An archaeological team has also overseen the works along the river as it is a site of an old ferry crossing, located near the 19th century Old Boat House Inn.

Additionally, the team has planted 600 trees at Golden Way, Lower Penwortham. The saplings planted include oak, birch, willow and hazel. The saplings have been planted within an existing grassland and will enhance wildlife habitat. The new trees help compensate for those which had to be removed before starting construction. Over the duration of the scheme, the team will plant thousands of trees as part of their commitment to improving the local environment through better public access, landscaping and habitat creation.

Ground investigation, topographical and utility location surveys are currently taking place in Frenchwood and Walton-le-Dale, the survey information will help inform the next phase of the design.