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VolkerGround Engineering

VolkerGround Engineering focuses on driven and in-situ steel and concrete piling, providing geotechnical support and foundation engineering. We have over 50 years’ experience of installing the foundations for critical infrastructure and buildings nationally.

We offer clients a range of solutions to suit most structures and site ground conditions. Our services include driven rotary bored piling, steel sheet and steel tubular piling, continuous flight auger (CFA) piling and silent piling. The design, value engineering and buildability advice our expert team offer sets us apart and ensures we tailor ground engineering and piling solutions to clients’ exacting needs.


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The work we typically undertake includes:

Deep foundations in weak ground - such as flight auger and rotary bored, steel sheet and tubular piles - to support heavy civils such as flood and coastal defences, huge tanks in the water sector, and port and harbour infrastructure.

Deep basement solutions using techniques such as secant, contiguous and steel sheet piling to help clients maximise land use for car parks, commercial or extra residential space, such as in prime central London where land is at a premium.

Cost-effective retaining wall structural solutions for either permanent or temporary works applications, in a land or marine environment.

Our temporary works solutions, such as piled crane platforms and cofferdams, provide contractors with a safe and efficient means to deliver permanent works.

We work for clients across the building, flood and coastal defence, highways, rail, marine, aviation, utilities, defence, and nuclear sectors. For instance, we installed piles for 57 cofferdams, haul roads, retaining roads and jetty abutments on High Speed 2.We installed over 62,836m2 of steel sheet piles for the UK’s largest local authority-led coastal defence project at Southsea. We installed 510 rotary bored piles to enable the excavation of a basement and construction of a luxury 5-star hotel for White Horse Street Properties in London.

For more information, please visit the VolkerGround Engineering website.