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Flood risk management

Through long term relationships with the Environment Agency and Local Authorities we have worked to protect tens of thousands of homes, businesses and amenities from coastal or fluvial flooding.


We build reflection walls and revetments that protect coastal communities, such as Fairhaven, in Lancashire, and the UK’s largest authority-led coastal scheme in Southsea, near Portsmouth.

We also protect houses and businesses by installing piled and concrete-clad river walls and earth embankments to hold back rising river waters; for example, in Mytholmroyd, a village in Yorkshire’s steep-sided and narrow Calder Valley. We build pumping stations to move water quickly away from flood risk areas, such as at Crossens on Merseyside, andtidal barriers to prevent storm surges. In Ipswich we built the first new tidal barrier since the Thames Barrier was built in the early 1980s. We have also maintained and taken part in trials to extend the life of the Thames Barrier over a 15-year period.

We take great pride in helping communities adapt to climate change and we leave behind usable and attractive landscapes for local people and visitors to enjoy, such as enhanced promenades, green corridors and wetland habitats. 

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