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Heysham 1&2 Power Stations

Unit 7 and 8 Sea Water Cooling System Statutory Outage. The outage takes place every year and is a mandatory part of the safe maintenance of the power station.

VolkerStevin co-ordinates all civil engineering related aspects of the works including confined space working practices.

The cooling system is drained and any accumulated detritus is removed prior to inspection and maintenance as follows:

  • Work to steel pipework and screens, valves, penstocks, gaskets, bolt sets - replacing where necessary
  • Inspection and repairs to concrete surfaces
  • Co-ordination of other term contractors, services and mechanical handling equipment and components

Other works besides outages within the Power Station at Heysham have included building and service diversion and installation as follows:

  • Construction of New Visitor Centre
  • Sodium Hypo-Chlorate Storage Facility
  • Collection Waste Fore bay Skip Laydown Area
  • RLA Outage Access
  • Oil Bund Area
  • Storage Facility Lay Down Area
  • Unit 7 RSW (Reactor Sea Water) 2007/2008
  • Auxiliary Fuel Pipeline Refurbishment 2008
  • ECW (Essential Cooling Water) Pipework Replacement Contract 2008
  • Fuel oil Improvements Contract 2009
  • Hypo-chlorite dosing bund & Ancillary Works 2009
  • Heysham 2 PS - Unit 8D Emergent Works
  • Heysham Power Station Units 7 & 8 Various Outages 2006 to 2011

Facts and figures

  • Client:
    British Energy
  • Engineer/Consultant:
    Black & Veatch
  • Commencement Date:
    1995 – 2011 ongoing
  • Value:
    £12.5M ongoing
  • Form of Contract:
    BE Conditions of Contract
  • Project categories