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VolkerStevin Win Bronze Award at Considerate Constructors Scheme Awards 2011


VolkerStevin received a Bronze Award for the Deptford Creek Frontages site at the Considerate Constructors Scheme Awards 2011.
CCS 2011

VolkerWessels UK picked up four awards at this year's Considerate Constructors Scheme Awards as VolkerHighways received a Gold Award for the London Borough of Hackney Term Maintenance Contract and VolkerFitzpatrick was awarded a Silver Award for the Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility site and a Bronze Award for the Veolia Mixed Recycle Facility site. The national site awards are designed to recognise and reward those who have demonstrated exceptional levels of consideration against the Scheme's Company Code of Considerate Practice.

The 2011 Considerate Constructors Scheme National Site Awards have been presented to the highest scoring 7½% of sites, selected from over 8,500 eligible sites which completed in 2010. The performance of all registered sites is reviewed annually and the top performing sites are presented with either Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards.

VolkerStevin was awarded a Bronze Award for the Deptford Creek Frontages site. VolkerStevin was particularly commended for high standards reached in the categories of; accountability, consideration, cleanliness, environment, respectfulness, responsibility and safety, and for exceptional achievements in the category of neighbour. The award was of particular reflection to VolkerStevin's careful liaison and agreements with local businesses at the wharf frontages and for the efforts, to help keep local businesses open with minimum disturbance during the course of the works. For a short period in the scheme VolkerStevin had heavy piling equipment 100mm off the wall of a business unit and so the site team engaged with the businesses to assist with their deliveries. The site team also engaged with local school children and involved them in decorating the brick tiles that were to be mounted on the new frontage walls.

Adrian Shah-Cundy, head of HSEQS at VolkerWessels UK said, "We are delighted to have received these awards, which show us as being in the top group of contractors in the UK in terms of our continued commitment to the environment and communities in which we work.

"VolkerHighways was the only Term Maintenance Contractor to achieve a Gold Award this year. This is a fantastic achievement for this business, which operates Term Maintenance Contracts across nine London Boroughs, placing them at the top of the sector for this respected national scheme."