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VolkerStevin was originally founded in the UK in 1934 and has remained part of the same parent company ever since. Originally, as Harbour & General Works Ltd, the company undertook mainly marine works.

The portfolio of services has expanded considerably over the years and, to reflect this change in profile, the company was renamed VolkerStevin Ltd in 2003.


1934 - 1937

Van Hattum's Harbour Works was formed in the UK by Van Hattum en Blankevoort, a major Dutch dredging and civil engineering company who had been involved in many of the largest civil engineering projects in Holland over their 100 year history.

In 1937 the company's name was changed to Harbour and General Works Limited to reflect the more general nature of work being undertaken.

1970 - 1978

In 1970, three Dutch building companies (including Van Hattum en Blankevoort) decided to join forces under the name Stevin Groep.

In 1972, the now 'Royal' company was turned into Koninklijke Adriaan Volker Groep, as an umbrella organisation of an extensive group of companies in the Netherlands and abroad. The year 1978 saw the merger with the Stevin Group to form Koninklijke Volker Stevin.



1990 - 1997

In 1991 the dredging activities of Royal Volker Stevin came to an end. Royal Volker Stevin, which was particularly active in infrastructure, and Kondor Wessels, specialising in building and property development, combined their strengths and Royal Volker Wessels Stevin nv was formed in 1997.

2002 -2009

In 2002, the trade name VolkerWessels is introduced. In the following year Harbour & General Works Ltd was renamed as VolkerStevin Ltd.

The year 2009 saw VolkerStevin, Fitzpatrick, GrantRail, Crawley, Gabriel, Laser and Visser Smit and Hanab re-branded to reinforce the identity and provide visible evidence of the scale and capability of the companies as part of VolkerWessels UK.


The business operates in the maritime, defence, flood risk management, water and utilities, energy and land remidiation and regeneration sectors.

Being part of VolkerWessels provides us with considerable financial stability as well as access to a wide range of technologies through our sister companies both in the UK and overseas.