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Cromer Coast Protection, North Norfolk

Cromer, North Norfolk

VolkerStevin is constructing 1.6 km of coastal defence sea walls and groynes at Cromer, for a scheme designed to futureproof the coastal area for another 60 years.

The original sections of seawall were constructed in 1899 with significant additions, extensions and refurbishments being carried out in 1949 and 1973. The oldest central sections of the frontage are classified as Grade 2 Listed.

The principal purpose of the programme of works is to improve the performance of the existing defence structures reducing the residual risk of failure through structural improvements as well as enhancing the aesthetics of the frontage by providing a consistent level of finish.

The works include the installation of sheet piles to the toe of the existing sea walls, repairs and refurbishments to the existing groynes, as well as the construction of new sea walls. Throughout the works, VolkerStevin has made extensive use of specialist piling skills from VolkerGround Engineering plant and equipment from VolkerBrooks.

The coast protection scheme will:
  • reduce the impact of the sea along the Cromer frontage
  • maintain a stable beach in front of the sea walls for as long as possible
  • preserve the amenity of the beach, including beach access
  • maintain the historic and visual character of Cromer's sea front

Facts and figures

  • Client
    North Norfolk Council
  • Value
  • Commencement date
    November 2013
  • Project categories
    Flood risk management