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Carnforth UIDs


VolkerStevin was appointed as principal contractor to improve and refurbish four existing UIDs located within the Carnforth Area.


The work comprises the construction of CSO and DWF Storage Chambers, Automated Pumping Stations and associated manholes and pipework. In particular:

  • Installation of Temporary Works Sheet Pile Cofferdams
  • Construction of a new CSO, Pumping Station and Valve Chamber
  • Construction of a 15m diameter DWF Pumping Station
  • Installation of new Pipework and manholes
  • Pipe Bursting existing 225mm Overflow Pipe
  • Construction of new Escalator Screen Building
  • Refurbishment of existing wetwell and decommissioning of existing Pumping Station
  • All associated M&E Works
  • Hard and soft Landscaping on completion of works

We were initially contracted to build three screened UIDs in 40 weeks. Once the project was underway, the client realised that they had not contracted with us to turn flows by the regulatory dates, causing them a problem with meeting their consent dates.

It was agreed that we were best placed to improvise and identify the most suitable and speediest systems to achieve the consent dates. This resulted in the existing programme of works being radically altered to target the activities and stages that met the consent dates, as well as modifying the existing systems on a temporary basis, without significantly impacting on the permanent works and completion. As a result, the first UID was delivered on time and the others are on schedule.

Mike Hosty, Construction Coordinator for Carnforth UIDs, said: "Congratulations on achieving turns of flows at Gardner Rd and a big thank you for all the work you have put in over the last couple of months. UU's management are delighted that, despite all the problems, we have turned things around and made the compliance date."

Will Eyre, Head of Construction Services at United Utilities, said: "Well done and thanks on achieving this and going the extra mile, the output claimed mean a lot for our business and with the regulator."

Facts and figures

  • Client:
    United Utilities
  • Value:
  • Commencement Date:
    Septemeber 2011
  • Completion Date:
    May 2012
  • Project categories
    Water and utilities